Amped Garage Model 3/Y Dashboard Tweeter Harness (Single)

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Harness adapter for the front Dashboard Tweeter on your Tesla Model 3.

  • Single Harness
  • OEM style Connector & Terminals
  • 18GA TXL wire
  • Dashboard tweeter is Passive and a Bass Blocker or Crossover should be wired in before the tweeter.
  • Flexo(R) Noise Reduction Sleeve to prevent rattles.

    Why do we include a pigtail and splice connectors?

    • The center dash speaker of the model 3 is a passive tweeter and requires to be connected to a bass blocker or passive crossover. Use these parts to solder your bass blocker or crossover between the speaker and the car audio harness.

    What Connector sizes should i get?

    • This really depends on the speaker you plan to use. To find out, measure the width of the spade connector on your speaker.
      • Focal TWU 2.5 use (+) 2.8mm Male / (-) 2.8mm Female
      • Dayton Audio use (+) 4.8mm Female / (-) 2.8mm Female

    What is the "No Spade Connector" option?

    • Choose "bare" if you do not wish to have a connector pre-crimped on to the harness.
    • This is a great option if you plan to solder your harness to the speaker, or crimp on yourself.