Amped Garage OBD2 Harness for Tesla Model 3 & Model Y

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Amped Garage OBD2 harness for Tesla Model 3

  • This adapter allows you to tap into the the wiring harness located at the back of the center console. Fully Plug & Play, no cutting required
  • 2 models available dependent on when your car was built
    • 2018
    • 2019-UP
    • If your car is built around the beginning of 2019, please double check the size of the connector behind the console.
  • Works great with Scan my Tesla Diagnostic APP
  • Works great with Sensor Safe smart car seats that require a OBD Dongle.
This item is for the OBD2 Harness and does not include a OBD2 Dongle adapter
  • Amped Garage tested compatible OBD2 bluetooth dongles:
    • Veepeak OBDCHeck BLE+ (ELM 327 Based)
    • OBDLink MX+ (STN1100)

Please see the documentation of the APP you plan to use for more compatibility details.