Amped Garage Model 3/Y Center Tweeter Retrofit Harness

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On newer Model 3's and Y's with premium audio, the center tweeter has been removed.

Originally, the OEM tweeter connector was wired into the OEM Midrange speaker. That connector is no longer there.

This harness brings that center tweeter back! This harness connects between the factory harness and center Mid Range speaker and adds center tweeter connector. No cutting, no spicing needed. Plug and Play and is completely reversible.

  • Single Harness
  • OEM style Connector & Terminals
  • 18GA TXL wire
  • Flexo(R) Noise Reduction Sleeve to prevent rattles.


Inline High Pass Filtered Version Now Available:

For those who want to add a high pass filter for use with Aftermarket tweeters. A 3.3uf Bi-Polar Nichicon Muse Capacitor can be wired on the positive side.