Amped Garage Model 3/Y Rear Door Speaker Adapter Set - Faital 4FE32 Speakers

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Amped Garage 4" Rear Door Midrange speaker adapter Kit for Tesla Model 3/Y

  • Gives you the ability to install aftermarket 4" speakers into the rear door of your Tesla Model 3/Y.
  • 3D Printed in durable ABS
  • Designed to be used with FaitalPro 4FE32 4" Speakers
    • While it will hold other model speakers to the door card, it is not guaranteed that speakers other than FaitalPro 4FE32 will fit due to the limited depth space in the door.
  • Includes hardware to mount speaker to bracket
    • 3 pieces per bracket:  18-8 5/8" Phillips head screws
    • 6 3d printed spacers
  • Works great with our OEM Quality Speaker Harness adapters.



Replacing the rear door speakers is a little bit more involved than unscrewing the old speaker, and installing a new speaker. The rear door speakers of the Tesla Model 3 are riveted in with plastic rivets. In order for you to remove them, you must cut the rivet heads off with a craft knife or dremel.



2018-Current Model 3

  • Rear Door

2020-Current Model Y

  • Rear Door
  • Rear Hatch