Amped Garage Model 3 Door Woofer Speaker Harness Pre-Crimped (Set)

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Harness adapter for the front door speaker on your Tesla Model 3.

  • 2 Harnesses (Set)
  • OEM style Connector & Terminals
  • 16GA TXL wire
  • 13" Wire length is a perfect fit for Amped Garage Door Woofer Brackets
  • Harness tape to protect from noise & abrasion
  • Includes foam tape for added vibration dampening
  • Spade connectors include insulating boot
  • Your choice of Bare wire or pre-crimped in a number of spade connector sizes

What Connector sizes should i get?

  • This really depends on the speaker you plan to use. To find out, measure the width of the spade connector on your speaker.
  • Common Sizes:
    • Focal ISU-200 Woofer: (+)4.7mm (-)2.8mm

What is the "Bare" option?

  • Choose "bare" if you do not wish to have a connector pre-crimped on to the harness.
  • This is a great option if you plan to solder your harness to the speaker, or crimp on yourself.