Amped Garage Tesla Model 3/Y OEM Trunk Subwoofer Conversion mounting bracket

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Amped Garage Tesla Model 3/Y Subwoofer conversion mounting bracket 

- 3D Printed from ABS Plastic.
- Includes Speaker mounting hardware.
  • 8 pcs #8x1/2" screws.*
  • 1/8 foam tape (Applied between enclosure and Amped Garage Bracket)
*Included screws will fit most speakers but actual screw length ultimately depends on the speaker you choose. There is a possibility on thinner or thicker rim speakers that you will need to source longer or shorter screws from the hardware store. Use #8 Pan head at whatever length that will work. Too long of screw will protrude past the bracket and will prevent a flush seal between the bracket and the enclosure.

Easily mount an aftermarket 8" subwoofer into your OEM Subwoofer Enclosure.

Maximum mounting hole diameter: 192mm
Hole pattern for 4/8/6/12 screws
Due to the various ribs and curves of the OEM sub enclosure, it is difficult to list subwoofers that fit. Generally, you will need a speaker with a maximum mounting depth of 110mm. (Mounting surface to bottom of magnet)

Please note: This listing is for a mounting bracket with screws and foam gasket material to attach an aftermarket subwoofer to the OEM subwoofer enclosure. Speaker and speaker harness not included. Speaker, Enclosure and harness in picture is for reference only.